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About Us

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The Koko Blossom story officially began in 2014 - after years and years of dreaming that is!

With the arrival of her first child, Laura, founder of Koko Blossom, wanted to create a modern lifestyle that allowed her to share her passions whilst being able to take care of her growing family. Inspired by a love for homeware and lifestyle products along with years of global meandering while working in home textiles for big name brands, the need for Laura to bring together a collection of stylish products grew too strong, and the store was born.

Our own range of pillowcases and cushions are designed and printed in our studio in Cheshire, whilst the other high quality products we sell are sourced mainly from overseas small businesses in Australia and New Zealand. And we can't forget our beautiful collection of hammam towels, which of course come from the home of this amazing product, Turkey.

We have ideas for new products on a daily basis so please keep checking in to see our latest designs.

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